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Bed and Breakfast Reviews

You can add a review to any B&B shown on our website. Your review helps other people know what B&B's are good or bad, as the number of reviews and what type effect the B&B's ranking.

If you wish to write a review about a B&B you have stayed at, please select the B&B from the website and click on the add review link.

Your reviews help!

Not only do they effect the ranking of the B&B to ensure that good B&B's are at the top, it also means people can read useful information about a B&B which may help them to choose a place to stay. We really appricated your reviews!

Please note that only one review per year per property per person is allowed.

Types of bed and breakfast reviews

Extremely positiveExtremely Positive
Very PositiveVery Positive
Very NegativeVery Negative

Review FAQ

Q. Does check the reviews?

A. Yes, we read all the reviews. The B&B is also sent a copy of the review and has the right to dispute it.

Q. Am I allowed to write negative reviews

A. Yes you are. Please ensure however that they are in no way abusive. Do not use personally insulting or aggressive language. Constructive criticism is the best option.

Q. What happens if the B&B disagrees with my review

A. If the review is not in any way abusive, it is simply negative, we will post it to the site. Otherwise, we will delete the content of the review. We will still allow the negative face to appear against the B&B to show someone was unhappy.

Q. Can I post multiple reviews for a B&B

A. You may review the B&B once a year. You cannot add any more reviews than that to an individual B&B.

Q. Does check the accuracy of the reviews

A. No, we allow the B&B to check them and alert us to any concerns.

Q. Can I ask my guest to write reviews

A. Yes, we actively encourage you to ask your guest to review your B&B

Q. Do you edit the reviews

A. We may remove some elements of the review and leave other parts if we think its appropriate.

Q. Do you detect fraudulent reviews

A. We monitor our system to check that no fraudulent reviews are added.

Q. What happens if someone is abusive?

A. We have a zero tolerance policy to people using our system to be abusive or inappropriate. Email accounts can be banned from the system if we choose.

Q. My B&B cannot receive reviews

A. If abuse happens to a B&B, we will lock the ability to receive reviews. This is usually a temporary measure, but may be permanent.